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Since 2017, Lookslike Avido CEO, David Avido, has used his platform and resources to support his community in Kibera, focusing on 5 primary initiatives.


Avido and tailors employed by Lookslike Avido volunteer their time to provide vocational training in sewing and tailoring to single and young mothers and the deaf community in Kibera.

The program runs for 4 months, (3 days a week, for a period of 2 hours). Currently there are 15 students participating in the August-November program. As a scale up, the top graduates will get jobs making school uniforms for students who will be sponsored by Avido Organization under the school uniforms program.


Lookslike Avido manufactures school uniforms for students whose families are struggling financially to keep their children in school. To date, uniforms have been produced for 74 students across schools in Kibera.

“Being born and raised in Kibera, I know firsthand experience of the struggles that a family can go through. I want to ease the burden for the student by boosting their esteem with a good school uniform.” – Avido

Join this Action! $150 provides the materials to make school uniforms for 3 students for 1 year. See information on the bottom of the page if you wish to contribute.


Avido has partnered with primary schools in Kibera to identify students at risk of dropping out due to unpaid school fees. Since 2017, 20 students have received scholarships from Lookslike Avido under this initiative.

Primary school education is free in Kenya, but even in public school, hidden fees to cover in-school meals, uniforms, and books, among other costs, create barriers to education for the most vulnerable children.

Join this Action! $100 provides full-year scholarships to two at-risk children. See information on the bottom of the page if you wish to contribute.


Avido works with all ages of students on building life-skills and self-esteem, as well as on building a career in creative industries.

In collaboration with Mbagathi Primary School and PCEA Silanga Primary, Avido works with students on developing life skills and self-esteem in order to build a positive future for themselves. At the university level, Avido works with Art Novel College to provide students in the creative fields with guidance and exposure in the areas of fashion, design and making a living as an artist.

In Partnership with Blaze Kenya, in 2018, Avido spoke at a national mentorship workshop series
across 4 cities in Kenya (Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret and Machakos) reaching over 30 thousand youths. Along with other speakers, Avido shared his story and spoke on life skills.


Lookslike Avido provides young people with the opportunity to learn about garment production, sales and business strategy, or corporate social responsibility (CSR) through 3–6-month internships with the company.
Currently, Lookslike Avido has 3 interns–two in garment production training and one in CSR training—and of the total 13 full time staff in the company, 5 began as interns.

Join this Action! Contact us if you are a company or organization in the creative industry interested in offering internships to promising youth in Kenya.

#5 Emergency Relief

The Avido Foundation coordinates fundraising drives and donates directly to respond to emergencies in Kibera – an historically underserved and marginalized neighborhood within Nairobi city.

Masks distribution:

In response to COVID-19 risks and restrictions, Lookslike Avido, in partnership with Uweza Foundation, produced and distributed 25,000 free face masks to residents. This earned Avido the 2020 Uzalendo Presidential Honor in Kenya for his team’s work to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Food distribution:

The Lookslike Avido staff, with local women’s associations, organized weekly food distributions for at-risk families following COVID lockdowns, which left many in Kibera out of work. With Uweza and Kiko Romeo fashion house, Lookslike Avido organized a global online auction of Kenyan artworks which generated over 13,000 USD. These funds were donated to the Uweza Foundation to take over food distribution activities and expand their reach.

Other Emergencies:

Lookslike Avido regularly donates company profits to support community fundraising drives for families affected by fire, flooding, mass evacuations, and other such emergencies affecting the residents of Kibera.

Join this Action! Subscribe to the AVIDO Foundation Emergency Response Alerts, for up-to-date calls for action and fundraising drives to support the residents of Kibera and other similarly at-risk communities in Nairobi.

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