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"Transparency" sheds a Kibera-perspective on recycling and let's people look straight into your heart - there is nothing to hide, if only you let positivity shine!


Size: The jacket is is slim L-size design. The shorts fit for people that usually buy pant size 36. Find the exact measurements in the technical details below.

Unisex: This piece of clothing is not specifically made for men or women. Wear it, if you like it. Gender doesn't matter.


The story behind the piece

Avido integrated recycled transparent tent tarpaulin in a denim full outfit (jacket and shorts) with applications from Ankara fabrics. Back in the days, he used resources he found in the streets to repair clothing for friends and himself: "Wires, plastic bottles - I had to be very creative. I learned that I can make a piece of fashion shine through the intention I have while making it. Materials become worthy through this energy. In the end, this tought me a lot about my own value."


This outfit was created for the exhibition of Germany's biggest sustainable design festival, ökoRAUSCH. Get this piece of art for yourself and help us spreading our story.

Transparency Jacket + shorts - Denim-Ankara with tarpaulin-applications

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