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A new start


Size: this blouson is an L-size piece. The model is 1.85m tall and usually wears L or M-size.

Unisex: This piece is not specifically designed for men or women. Wear it, if you like it - no matter your gender.


The story behind the piece

"A new start" tells the story of giving life a new chance. Youths in Kibera throw a pair of shoes over electricity lines as a symbol for turning their backs on street hustling and starting anew to reach for a better life. The embroidered climbing floral plants in conjunction with the Printfabric support the positive message - keep feeding your passion and talent, so it can grow!


Avido designed this piece in a collaboration with Bankslave, a versatile visual and graffiti artist well known for using his art as a voice for social change. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, he has travelled the world making murals of all kinds. His major exhibitions were held in Australia and Denmark.


This outfit was created for the exhibition of Germany's biggest sustainable design festival, ökoRAUSCH. Get this piece of art for yourself and help us spreading our story.

A new start - feat. Bankslave

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