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Sustainable Fashion must be open for small international labels

3/3: Taking you back to Neonyt for a final time. We met the founder of Fashion Africa Now. And building lookslike avido while observing the big retailers that are successful with eco-fashion in Germany, I got an impression: We need more small international labels on the shelves! #fromKiberatotheworld

Neonyt @Kraftwerk, Berlin

European labels that source certified materials, upcycle and do all the innovative and impressive things that make sustainable fashion today, are revolutionaries in the industry. But I got the impression that fashion often still is determined by top-down North/West-South relations. I asked myself: How many labels actually come from countries in Africa, South-East Asia and South America? The stuff, I see is: European/Western labels do the designs. And production sites abroad serve for sourcing, meeting European standards. Am I mistaken? Send us links to labels and networks, we want to learn more!

This is exactly the question that Avido posed Ina Budde, circular.fahion: How can a small label without the resources to meet standards like GOTS or others straight away be part of that journey?

Fashion Africa Now x Connecting Afro Futures

A lady that is doing impressive things in Germany and Europe is Beatrace Oola. She founded Fashion Africa Now, a platform for for contemporary creative Africa. Avido and I met her at Neonyt. She told us about Connecting Afro Futures, a design conference she is co-organizing. Guess what? It took off some weeks ago! Check it out, if you are in Berlin - open until 1st December. The link is up there.

By the way: Yellow is a great and powerful colour!

For more information about what we do to be more sustainable, our vision & impact, check this.

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