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Mama, look! Vogue featured Avido!

Yesterday, Vouge Italy published a feature on Avido. We are humbled, proud and thankful. Check the video and stills, directed by Charlotte Carter and created by Romy Maxime (full credits below). The article also announced a slow fashion capsule collection.

"[We] wanted to show you a peak into his world, his designs and his story. He will soon launch a slow fashion capsule collection of artisan hats called Pukaboo with creative director and stylist Charlotte Carter." - Romy Maxime, Vogue Italy, 30. Jan 2020

Click here for the full article on Vogue Italy.


Featuring: David Avido

With: Prudence Nkirote Mwongera; Sheillah Njoroge; Ronn Wendy Taabu; Alexander Nyamwea

Creative Director & Producer: Charlotte Carter

Videographer & Photographer: Romy Maxime

Music & Sound: Alexander Inggs

Designs, Clothing, Accessories & Hats: Lookslike Avido

Location: Kenya

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