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Making Fashion from Africa sustainable

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Inspirations from Neonyt at Berlin Fashion Week (1/3): It was our first stop. We wanted to gain insights and technical knowledge about how to do the next steps in making our operations more sustainable. Neonyt, the sustainable fashion event of Berlin Fashion Week, had it all for us.

Making friends at Neonyt

How can Sustainable Fashion be non-elitist / Non-Euro-Centric?

Many labels are doing great work, implementing sustainability in their value chains. But how can we start, being a small label from Kibera? Avido stood up and asked Ina Budde, Founder of circular.fashion and lecturer at AMD - Akademie Mode & Design:

[Sorry for the rough cuts - the video is a real quick one :)]

Noted: Hints from Ina Budde

1. Materials: Sustainable & recyclable

2. Combination of textiles should add to one material cycle

3. Durability: strong materials & services that make our pieces last longer

4. Take garments back

We are working on that! Especially on points 1 and 4, we'll soon have an update for you. To have a look at the impact we already have in Kibera, check our Vision & Impact-site.

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