• Ruven

ökoRAUSCH, we are coming!

lookslike avido will be part of the exhibition at Germany's biggest sustainbility festival. Thanks to all who voted for lookslike avido! From 14% to well over 50% on the final day.

(c) Eric Greven

lookslike avido at Germany's biggest sustainable design event!

As a kick off for the preparations for the 2020 issue of ökoRAUSCH, the festival organisators decided to give out the two very first spots in the carefully curated sustainable design exhibition via a public online voting. 6 teams competed (3 startups and 3 university projects) for 2 weeks. The first of each category got a spot.

Nicobin as a university project, and ourselves as a fashion startup won! This is a big opportunity for us to get more recognition from designers in Germany and Europe. We are grateful for all the support - it's votes from all over the world that made it happen.

Last but not least: Congratulations and all the best to all other teams for their great projects! Click here for more information on each of them.

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