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Knowledge-transfer from Africa to Europe

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

What a day!* Avido and me made a sewing-workshop happen for kids at 8zwo7 AWO youth center in Cologne . Avido brought African print-fabrics with him. They became beautiful bandanas and colourful shopper bags.

Ok, Lets be honest: I sat with the children to pick up some sewing skills myself! Some of them really out-performed me, I'm so glad, it was not a competition. We had a good time crafting these items with your own hands, you can't beat that feeling, that was the aim of the event. It was great to see, how the children related to Avido, asking curious questions and turning from shy to excited during the course of the workshop.

Inspiring youths around the world

The list was full. Five machines, and five kids from the Cologne Ossendorf neighbourhood turned up to occupy the sewing machines that the team had set up earlier. We started with a short introduction and discussion: From "Where do you come from?" to "How did you come up with the idea to start your own brand?"- languauge was not a barrier at all.

She took her self-made Bandana home proudly!

In roughly four hours, we produced beautifully colourful Bandanas and Shopper bags with the kids. Some had used sewing mashines before. Some hadn't. As a team, all of them were able to finish their individual creations.

Avido usually does workshops like this in Kibera and mentors youths in his neighbourhood Kibera and beyond:"It was great, being able to get in touch with the youths here in Cologne. They are the future! I know how hard it is, to get started. This is why I am proud and happy to be able to share what I have learned", he says. It was a great experience for all of us.

More impressions from the event:

Folding the ready-made Bandana

"Sewing with Designer lookslike avido" - it was just great!

The 8zwo7 youth center is well equipped!

* The event happened at 18th July 2019 during Avido's Roadshow in Germany. We don't show the faces of the children to protect their privacy.

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