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How Avido met Wolfgang Joop

Inspirations from Neonyt at Berlin Fashion Week (2/3): Read about how we met Wolfgang Joop and inspirations that he got from Africa. Picking up the threads.

It was on a short note - we realized probably 10 minutes before it kicked off. Arguably, the most recognized German design icon was to come to the 'UNLOCK Style by ZEITmagazin' event. And we were just around the corner. We decided to walk over and try to sneak in. Gladly, it worked!

We were waiting for our tickets when a van stopped in front of the venue. People alighted and made their way to the registration. Amongst them: Wolfgang Joop. I told Avido about him and we were excited to listen to what he has to say about sustainability and fashion. Well. We got the chance for an exchange ourselves.

Fashion from Africa: Wolfgang Joop couldn't pass

When walking by Avido, Wolfgang Joop stopped and congratulated him for his outfit. He was excited when Avido told him that he made it himself. Where he was coming from? From Kibera, Avido said, and now in Germany for the first time. Representing lookslike avido - his label. Joop asked for his contacts. He himself got inspired by an African muse, he said.

What a coincidence! Joops latest collection with Van Laack works with prints: Take a close look at the shot and see, how well Avido's suit and Joop's shirt match.

Wolfgang Joop and David Avido at Neonyt, Berlin (c) lookslike avido

A source of inspiration for European Designers

This is what I recall from Tillmann Prüfer's interview with Joop: Fashion was never sustainable. It has always been an extravagant business that forgot to look after the environment and people that did the lion share of the work. Against that background, it is exciting to see, where fashion is turning now: circular designs, recycling, fair wages for workers and eco-friendly productions. Fashion is only starting to look at the impact that it has. Joop projected the end of hedonism and mass consumption. Well: Let's be part of it.

It is great, how Joop breaks a classic men's shirt with a print to create something new. Same thing for Avido: He takes a classic men's suit and clashes it with traditional African Ankara-Patterns to create something new. When looking at that picture, I have a clear thought: I would like to see both working together. I bet, both of them would learn a lot. Let Avido be part of it. What do you think?

Wolfgang, you have our contacts.

Check on more of Avido's suits and blazers ladies and gents here and get in touch, if you are interested in getting one yourself. (This sounds as it was directed to Wolfgang Joop, which is hilarious. It addresses all readers.)

For those of you with a bit more time: Here you can get further impressions from the 'UNLOCK Style by ZEITmagazin' - including some more shots of Avido here and here.

On Youtube, you can find the full interview:

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