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Help us! Vote us into Germany's largest Sustainability EvenT

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Great news! Until 27th Oct you can support Avido by voting one of his pieces into the ökoRAUSCH-exhibition. The festival is Germany's largest sustainable design event and takes place in 2020.

(c) ökoRAUSCH Festival

How to vote lookslike avido into the ökoRAUSCH-Festival

Ok. The voting-page is available in German only. This is why I am going to explain the details here real quick: 6 teams (3 startups + 3 university projects) compete for 2 spots in the exhibition. That means, the first-ranked of each category will get the shot. Each page visitor has 2 votes: 1 for your favourite sustainable design startup & 1 for your favourite university project. Details on all teams below. Here is how to vote:

  1. Click on the link

  2. Vote for your favourite startup & your favourite university team

  3. DONE! Easy, mh?

Here's the link to the voting:

VOTING - open until 27th October

Let's steal the voting and bring one of Avido's pieces into a prime spot: ökoRAUSCH takes place in the Museum of Applied Arty, Cologne. This is a competition - please bear with us for being a bit partial. The other projects are great as well! And because they are, here is some info:

The three startups:

- lookslike avido You know us. In case, you don't: Here is the link to our vision page. Here is the space for the other teams.

(c) Airpaq
- Airpaq - backpacks from upcycled car materials. Get the full story here.

"We are passionate about the idea of creating alternative uses for things that otherwise would end up in the trash. Our goal for Airpaq is to create products that convince our customers both ecologically and aesthetically."

- HUDHUD - tailoring + upcycling with the experts that came to Germany as refugees. Get the full story here (German only).

The three University Teams:

(c) Nicobin

- Nicobin - making smokers aware, that they are damaging the environment by throwing cigarette butts in the streets. By introducing a gadget that gives out a chewing gum for every cigarette butt. Tuning your waste into taste! Here is the full story (German only).

(c) Plastic stone tiles

- Plastic stone tiles - imagine your washroom in those colours! These tiles have been made from plastic waste. Full story here (German only).

(c) re.form

- re.form - how can we reuse construction rubble? More than half of the total volume of waste in Germany is rubble from demolished houses and infrastructure. A good spot to start from! Here is the full story (German only).

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