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Empower to Create - Secrets of Kenya fashion show

The stage was theirs: Young talents from the Nairobi Girls Training Centre (NGTC) created fashion styles and presented them at a fashion show. Read more and see the short videoclip here!

Sewing together - celebrating the creations together

With her initiative sewing together, Maja Kotala organized and managed the Secrets of Kenya Fashion show. Working as a fashion agent and designer in Paris, she brings in her insights from more than 10 years in the industry. Training and mentoring the young ladies in sewing and planning a business to sustain themselves on one hand and celebrating the crops of their work on the other gives both, motivation and practical skills.

It was all about the 20 students that took classes with Maja the weeks before. It was their stage. Avido supported by showcasing some of his designs alongside them:

The full clip and more impressions of the designs can be found on Maja's blog.

How Avido started to bring his fashion from Africa to the world

The students were keen to hear Avido's story (click on Story & Vision to learn more) and learn from him. His brand lookslike avido brings fashion from Kibera to the world. Showing people the creative potential that can be found in the streets of his neighbourhood, Avido started to introduce his garments to European clients this year.

We are more than happy to have been part of this!

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