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COVID-19: Help us protecting Kibera

Updated: Apr 1

Kibera residents can neither afford buying proper masks or sanitizers, nor can they stock up for a lock-down. To do our part, Avido and his team started to produce handmade masks from African Fabrics that they hand out to residents.

The masks are no medical products, but they help not touching your own face - a major risk for catching the virus.

We hand them out for free and educate people about hygiene measures that can prevent the virus from spreading quickly.

Demand is high: 728 masks given out in one day!

All our left over fabrics are gone now. We used the time to catch a breath and think about what we can do more to help protect the communities:

  • Buy sanitizers and hand wash and make them available decentrally: We started to reach out to companies that produce sanitizers and products alike to initiate collaborations

  • Raise awareness in Kibera: We need to reach out and explain, how people can prevent infections and provide information - there is a lot of mis-information out there! The masks are a prefect way, to get clear messages across

  • Tell our story globally: Social distiancing only works, when you have the space for it. This is why we need to work even harder to prevent the virus from reaching the district. Once its there, it is there. We need help to do so and start preparing for this case.

Kibera is an extremely sensitive place, where diseases and sickness can spread very quickly and have a disastrous impact.

We need to do more. Here You can donate.

WE stand together

COVID-19 is a threat to all people, in Kenya and all over the world. We are aware of that and want to stress: We stand together. Love and strength to all who do their part locally to help in their communities.

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