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2nd to 22nd July: Meet Avido in Germany!

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Watch his video message here.

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When we started thinking about telling the lookslike avido story in Germany and Europe, bringing Avido himself here was a long term goal - the visa, the resources involved ... you name it. Now we are making it happen. In less then 10 days from now, our ways will cross again - at Berlin Tegel Airport and just on time to visit the Berlin Fashion Week and Neonyt.

... the tour continues (where you can meet us)

After our first stop in Berlin, we are moving over to Cologne. We will be present around Summerjam Festival, one of Europes biggest Reggae- and Dancehall events, to enjoy the sweet vibes and mingle. The start of the week will take us to Bonn, where we celebrate an official Welcome for Avido at the Social Impact Lab (9th July; you have just been invited!). Here you'll have the chance to check out our looks, grab a drink, discuss about ethical fashion and get a piece for yourself or your loved ones - or both.

There'll be a couple of pop up events in Cologne and Duesseldorf in the following days. For us, the week will continue with an exchange with Colognes most unique 2nd hand gents boutiques, Galant in the Belgian District, and one of the best tailors of the town.

On 18th, we'll hit Colabor - Raum für Nachhaltigkeit to be guest at their format Gründertalk (Founders Talk). We are going to reflect on the journey there and look forward to meet you! A lot to happen! We'll provide a calendar with all details shortly, so that you are up to date. And ourselves, too.

Stay tuned!

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