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All deserve the same chance to protect themselves

Updated: 2 days ago

(c) Yasuyoshi CHIBA / AFP

Together with Uweza and Project Kenya, we've set the target to raise 5,000 USD to be able to distribute more free face masks, hand wash and food packages in Kibera. Thanks to your help, we have been able to deliver. Let's do more!

Without further due, here is the update on what the team in Nairobi has been able to achieve with the raised funds so far. The 5,315 USD that have been donated so far contributed to making a difference for communities in Kibera:

  • 23,000 face masks produced and distributed (updated: 17th Sep. 2020)

  • 705 food packages distributed

  • 420 bottles of handwash produced and distributed

  • 15 awareness murals painted

This is why we need to do more:

Till today, Kenya confirmed 535 cases of people infected with COVID-19. 24 people died and 182 recovered (JHU, CSSE, 13th April 2020). Kibera has no confirmed case yet. This is good news, however there is no certainty, as not many are being tested. People are worried and the effects of the virus become visible already: Many can't go to work and are not able to feed their families as a consequence of the curfew and the strict security measures in place. Avido estimated that roughly 70 percent of Kibera's inhabitants depend on food distributions, or will depend on them in near future.

“I believe that all of us, even those who can’t afford to buy a mask, or sanitizers, deserve the same chance to protect themselves, we’re all responsible for one another.” - Avido

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Un-coordinated Food and non-food distributions banned after two women died in a stampede

Things can go wrong, even if you are trying to do the right thing. A few days ago, a privately organized food distribution caused a stampede in Kibera. Two young women died. The government in turn banned all un-coordinated distributions and made a registration for any of such activities mandatory.

This also affects the work of the team in Nairobi. Our initiative is in constant exchange with government authorities and we are considering shifting to direct MPESA-transfers (mobile money transfers) to families in need. The most important thing: We can continue our work and we put health and security first to prevent unwanted negative effects of our activities.

Selected media reports

Check the latest media reports on our work. It's amazing, how much attention the work of the team in Nairobi gets. Let us do more, so that the media reports turn into something!

Vogue USA:

Amanda Sperber wrote a powerful editorial and sets the scene for Nichole Sobecki's photo and video-material. We love that she gives credit to all who deserve: It's a joint initiative of UWEZA, Project Kenya and lookslike avido. Read it here.

National Geographic:

Nichole Sobecki visited Avido for National Geographic. She did amazing shots and tells a very differentiated story about efforts to fight COVID-19 in Nairobi. Find the full article here.

Essence Magazine:

Avido was named as one of ten black designers, providing effective face masks. Check the article here.

Video: ZDF Auslands Journal

Avido represents Kibera in a major German news programme. The video is in German, but you can turn on the english subtitles on youtube. And please don't ask, why they called Avido David-E. His name is David. David Avido. Here it is:

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